Fireboy and Watergirl




Forest temple needs to be saved, that’s why Fire Boy and Water girl have come to help you accomplish your mission. Our super heroes will have to pass tens of different truly difficult levels. This awesome game can be played in two-player mode, but keep in mind that both of players have to be concentrated and must predict each others’ decisions. As you know Fire Boy cannot touch water and Water girl cannot step on the hottest lava, instead they must help each other by moving boxes and opening doors. Water girl is controlled by W,A,S,D keys on your keyboard and Fire Boy can be moved by arrow keys.

Tired of hard work and studying all the day? Do you want to taste something incredibly exciting that will become a usual part of everyday life? Then Fire boy and water girl game is exactly for you. Do you want to play duo with you friend, relative or little brother or sister?  This awesome game is made for pair gaming and only for two players. The main idea of this game is cooperation and teamwork between players. Do you like adventures? Do you want to test how trustworthy you partner is? Play this addictive and nice game and you will be fulfilled with adrenaline and satisfaction.



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